The goal of the Outagamie County 4-H Horse Association is to help youth learn about caring for horses/ponies and further develop their equine skills.  The Association plans an annual program filled with educational meetings, clinics, shows and special activities for members to participate in.  We encourage youth to participate in as may activities as they can to enrich their learning experience and develop their horsemanship skills.

Monthly Meeting Information:
    Held on the 4th Tuesday of the Month
    General meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. following the Board Meeting
    Location - Fox Valley Tech - Appleton, WI
  West parking Lot - Door 10 - **Room E130** New Room!


We'd like to extend our Best Wishes to the State Expo Horse Participants!  They will be competing at the State Expo Center in West Allis Sept. 13-15.

State Gymkhana Show - Ashley Gorski (Sept. 7-8)

State Horse Show - Lydia Ewing, Allison Harikkala, Keira Leitermann, Macy Koehler, Anissa Cunningham, and Hayleigh Ort. 

Educational Events - Lydia Ewing, Allison Harikkala, Keira Leitermann, 
Hayleigh Ort, Isabella Maurer, Dylan Leitermann, and Allie Koehler, and Grace Van Driel.

If you are interested in attending to cheer your teammates on, please go to the State 4-H tab for more information!

Best Wishes!  I know you will make Outagamie County proud!

Message from Lori Vandenberg, President:

Welcome to the Outagamie County 4-H Horse Project!  We had a fabulous year and successfully completed our Pleasure and Gymkhana Shows.  We will end our season with an Awards Celebration on October 22, including ice cream sundaes!      


Congratulations to the 2018-2019 Officer Board!

President Lori Vandenberg
Vice President Danielle Schlueter
Treasurer Janet Schlueter
Secretary Mauriah Cunningham
Sitting President Megan Hess
Adult Board Tia Koehler
Adult Board Ben Van Driel
Adult Board Shiloh Ort
Adult Board Jill Harikkula

Youth Board

Allison Harikkula
Joy Vandenberg
Keira Leitermann
Anissa Cunningham
Macey Koehler
District Youth Representative Carlee Schlueter
Alternate District Youth Representative Lydia Ewing